Working with Crystal Grids – Mar. 17th

with John Deits, 10am-12pm, Cost is $10

oil elixer in crystal grid

This workshop is back by popular demand. Everyone always enjoys this workshop whether you have experience working with crystal grids or are a complete newbie to crystals. The workshop covers the basic about working with crystals in a grid formation to enhance and direct their energies. The majority of the workshop is spent working hands-on creating and activating crystal grids. Registration is highly recommended, workshop size is limited.


Pendulum Power – Mar. 11th

with Kelly Lingen from 1-3pm, cost is $15 (Pendulum required for event)

In this 2 hr class, Kelly will cover everything from the basics of pendulum dowsing to advanced techniques that include how to select a pendulum, clearing and attuning to your pendulum, Chakra clearing and balancing, space clearing, locating lost objects, using your pendulum with maps, charts, photographs and more!

Bring your pendulum for hands-on exercises, or one may be purchased in-store prior to workshop.

Registration is requested.


Psychic Medium Readings – Mar. 10

with Ronna Trapanese from 10:30-5pm
Cost is $40/30 min reading; $50/30 min reading with Spirit Guide Painting

Ronna, The Artful Medium, can help you with gaining focus and clarity with your life’s work by activating your true potential and gifts. With her ability to see spirit guides and anges, she can paint a personal painting for you with explanation of symbols to help you better understand the nature of your guides showing up at this point in your life.   Appointments recommended.


New Attitudes for a New Age


Social media has allowed millions of women to express their pain and anguish of sexual abuse and its many forms. Their combined voices have created an avalanche of momentum that is crushing the walls of denial our society has held up for so long.

As I watch the #MeToo movement unfold, I am reminded of a quote from Martin Luther King, Jr.: “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.”

Women all over the world are demanding their freedom from the oppression of sexual assault, harassment and inequality. Women are demanding their basic human rights. Can I hear an Amen, sister!

However, to realize and achieve this freedom, men in this country must change at a fundamental level. Not just their behaviors, but their deeply held negative attitudes and beliefs toward women in general.

One has to wonder if that goal is even possible given the enormity of the problem before us.

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Atlas Bleu

Atlas Bleu

We were very excited to come across this newly discovered crystal at the Tucson Gem Show. It is from Morocco and has a glass like quality. We believe it’s a form of blue obsidian (this has not been verified). It is found as deposits in a chalky white mineral (see image for sample).

The energy of this stone is somewhat unique in that it expresses both a passive energy (feminine) and assertive energy (masculine). It seems to seek out balance and provide whichever is necessary in order to achieve one’s highest potential.

Atlas Bleu creates a connection with the higher purpose of Sanat Kumar (Lord of Earth) and one’s role in that purpose. Through this understanding of purpose, one becomes connected to the life force of the earth and is motivated and energized to create beauty in the world.

Atlas Bleu is the power of Kwan Yin when she opens her eyes. It creates a determined purpose; a focused intention that cannot be deterred. It is the power of thought and words expressed through “seeing” what one will create. What you see will be!

Atlas Bleu empowers us to reach for our potential and be a guiding light to others. One may find themselves literally reaching for the sky! It’s an ideal stone for those who wish to explore their higher purpose and creative potential. It assists one with seeing clearly and maintaining focus. It can soften communications of those who tend to be overly assertive and bring calm strength to those who fear speaking up.


Psychic Readings – Mar. 3rd

with Susan Haas from 10:30-5pm, cost is $45/30min.

Susan Haas

Susan is a talented clairvoyant medium with over 20 yrs experience. She offers her skills to explore past lives, present circumstances and future possibilities. Appointments are highly recommended, walk-ins welcome as time allows