The Secret of Beautiful Skin – Oct 28th

with the ancient art of Abhyanga
from 12-3pm with Lisa McKnight, cost is $20, sessions are approx. 20 min.

Lisa McKnight

Abhyanga is the application of oil to the body in a specific way to detox and beautify the skin.

Each individual 20 min session includes:

  • Skin quiz to determine skin type for oil and essential oil selection
  • Pulse reading to determine current dominant dosha/confirm constitution
  • Mini Abhyanga on hands and forearms
  • A two-ounce bottle of Abhyanga oil customized with essential oil for at home Abhyanga
  • Handout on self-Abhyanga

Access Bars Sessions – Oct 27th

with Kaye Cooke
at 1pm/2:30pm/4pm, cost is $60, session last approx. 75 min.

Kaye Cooke

Access Bars is a revolutionary healing technique utilizing 32 acupressure point on the head. Kaye will place her fingers lightly on these points as the client lies comfortably in a zero gravity chair. This technique allows the body to shed its negative judgments and bring more joy into one’s life.

Kaye is a graduate of The Inner Focus School of Healing. For the last 13 years she has shared her many healing modalities with family and friends.   Kaye is now happy to bring her skills as an energy healer to Peaceful Heart.


Celebrating 15 Years! Oct. 21st

Come Join the celebration as we mark
Peaceful Heart’s 15 year Anniversary with a Party!

Enjoy Food~Music~Art~Shopping~Fun


When: October 21st, 12-4pm
Where: Peaceful Heart (inside & out

Peaceful Heart will mark its 15th year in business soon and what better way to do that than with a Party! We want to celebrate with the community and all our customers to thank everyone for their support and patronage over the years.  It’s been a fabulous ride so far and we can’t wait to eat some cake and have some fun – inside we’ll have snacks, specials and give-a-ways, outside will be psychic readers, vendors from local businesses and even a little music!  See you Oct. 21st.

Featured Readers:

  • Aura Photography with John Gruba $30/15 min
  • Psychic Readings with Lana Heartgraves & Ronna Trapanese $40/30mins
  • Live Music

Appointments recommended.

Co-sponsored with Ziggy’s BBQ & Ice Cream; Chocolate Caper; Meyer Barn Found Treasures.


My Struggle with Conflict

Doris Deits

Humans seem to love conflict. History shows our endless love affair with conflict of one war after another. Our modern day sports are just watered down gladiator events. People love to get fired up over an injustice or fight for a cause. Caring, rationale people can turn into raging tyrants of conflict if given the proper stimuli. But if the love of conflict is in our collective blood, then why do I as an individual hate it so much?

I have always hated conflict. I don’t like it and I don’t want it touching me. I don’t understand the driving need to fight over every little thing. Why can’t we all just get along?!!! How is it that I don’t have the lust for conflict like everybody else!

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