Energy Balancing Sessions-Mar. 4th

from 12-3pm, cost is $20/20 minutes
all proceeds donated to the Oregon/Brooklyn Food Pantry

Peaceful Heart is hosting 2-3 highly talented and intuitive students trained by Brian Sieger in Qi Gong, energy work and pressure point therapy, who will offer their services for chakra and energy balancing sessions. Participants will sit comfortably in a chair while these caring energy workers apply their skills to balance and realign the body’s energy field while releasing stress and tension. All proceeds donated, appointments recommended, walk-ins welcome.


The Emotional Nature of Being Series – Mar. 7th

Study Group with Doris Deits
from 6:30-8pm, cost is $6/class

Doris Deits

Tonight’s Topic: “The 411 on Emotional Drama” seeing emotional drama for what it is and understanding why we have it.

This series takes the first steps towards understanding the basic structure of the human emotional nature, its functionality relating to behavior and also explore how we can gain a measure of control over it. Each class is unique and if you miss one in the series you are still invited to attend the others.

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Energy Healing Sessions – Feb 18th

w/ Brian Sieger from 12pm – 3pm, $45/30min or $80/ 1 hour

Brian Sieger

Brian works with energy, acupressure, and the Emotion Code. Working with the body’s energy to allow improved flow in the body for better healing. This may include versions of Qi Gong, Healing Touch and Reiki. Acupressure and light touch may be used to loosen muscles, ligaments and fascia. Energy balancing is always done before you get out of the chair at the end of a session. more information about Brian.

Appointments recommended, walk-ins welcome.