Writing from the Inside Out – July 30th

Letting Your Muse Out to Play
with Regina Golding from 6-8pm, Cost is $15

This workshop is designed to bring out the writer hiding inside all of us. It offers participants an opportunity to explore their inner landscape of personal experiences, longings, questions, the wisdom within and the stories hidden in our bones.

Let Regina open a window into your creativity by exploring the freedom to write, be real, be authentic and get to know your own truth as a person and a writer. Class is structured with writing prompts, tips for becoming a better writer and time for sharing. Environment is relaxed, informal and supportive; for beginners and those already writing and wanting inspiration. Writing experience is not necessary. Registration is requested. Maximum of 10 people.


Inner Radiance Healing Sessions – July 26th

with Regina Golding, CMT, from 11-3pm, Cost is $60/1 hour session

Clients lie comfortable on a massage table fully clothed as Regina scans the person’s energy field for trouble spots to facilitate deep healing and transformation.

Regina has been involved in healing arts for over 25 years as a health care practitioner and on-going student. She is certified in massage, Zero Point Balancing and Heart Centered Therapy. Registration is requested.

More information about Regina and Inner Balance Healing Session.


We shouldn’t tolerate bullying at any age

Doris Deits

Doris Deits

Growing up, I attended public schools like most kids, and there was always a bully around. Even if you didn’t have one in your class directly, eventually one of them would find you in the lunchroom, or perhaps at recess on the playground, in the sandbox or on the monkey bars.

I would get kicked, have my hair pulled, called names, stung with spit balls, pinched, punched, pushed down and generally humiliated. And that was just first grade.

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Happy Days of Summer

Doris Deits

Doris Deits

Just a shout out to remind everyone that after the June full moon we will see a withdrawal of all those good energies that have been streaming in since the full moon in April. June’s full moon is the last of the 3 spiritual moons for the year.

During the April, May and June full moons, the higher spiritual energies are at their most potent. The Veil between humanity and these higher energies is at its thinnest during these 3 months.

This year, humanity has been dowsed with some potent go-go juice. This infusion is seen as having an understated general feeling of emotional positivity. The economy seems to be getting better, people I run into seem pretty upbeat, that kind of thing. I too, have to admit that I am feeling pretty darn good lately from an emotional standpoint.

So, now what?! Well, that’s the interesting part. Once these energies recede, it is unknown if humanity can keep up the emotional positivity on their own. When our go-go juice is gone, will we decide that we liked it so much that we are going to continue to maintain that emotional upbeat energy, or will we slide back into a more negative feeling state of emotion?

Humanity has a choice to make. Perhaps we will notice the subtle shift in ourselves and wonder what the heck happened. I was feeling so good and now, not so much – how do I get that feeling back? We may even see this happening to people around us. This is what is supposed to happen. This is an opportunity for humanity to learn something of value.

When we make the conscious choice to do something, we become co-creators, and therefore responsible for what we create. Maybe this is how the spiritual nature of humanity and the planet gets people to move forward in a nurturing, supportive way. Give ‘em some go-go juice and then take it away and see what happens.

Humanity has free will. We must be given a choice. While evolution or enlightenment is inevitable, it is our choice of how and when.

I plan on continuing my reach for emotional positivity by drawing in the energies of the Sun. The Sun is a major player in the distribution of energy. Some of the new energies that are streaming into humanity are coming via the Sun. So whenever we are feeling a lack of emotional positivity, we can consciously draw on the energy coming from the heart of the Sun to revitalize the body. Let’s hope it repels some of those mosquitoes too!!