Kari Chapman Presentation & Readings

Kari Chapman

May 18th
Healing Process Presentation from 6:30-8pm   Cost

Kari will lead you in a Guided Meditation that will open, balance, and align ALL Chakras ( energy centers in the body ) with all bodies, the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. This HEALING will help YOU to release all your Fear, Guilt, Shame, Illusions, and will connect you to Cosmic Energy. We will also be opening as a Channel for all present, so bring your questions. Open Q and A. Registration is requested as space is limited.

May 18th from 1-5pm and May 19th from 11am-5pm

Akashic Record Readings, Cellular Release, Soul Contract
with Kari Chapman, Cost is $90/hr or $60/30 min. sessions

AKASHIC RECORD Readings: These consultations are between Kari’s Oversoul and your Oversoul, to answer and deliver messages from the Oversoul through accessing the AKASHIC RECORDS ( soul records of past, present and future).

Cellular Release: Release ALL fear, emotional trauma, and negativity from the cells of your body. Clears all past and current life traumas, judgments, fears, doubts and unworthiness at the cellular level.

Soul Contract: Kari will work with you to communicate with your soul and help you to consciously renegotiate and update your soul contract, your True Heart Desires.

Preregistration and pre-payment is required.  Please call Kari at 920-648-3580 to register.  

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Celebrate Mom!

Treat her to a special gift

Stop in and check out our great gift ideas for mothers day.  In a hurry? we have a quick shop table of gifts  specifically selected for honoring mom.


Psychic Readings – May 12th

with Susan Haas from 10:30-5pm, cost is $45/30min.

Susan Haas

Susan is a talented clairvoyant medium with over 20 yrs experience. She offers her skills to explore past lives, present circumstances and future possibilities. Appointments are highly recommended, walk-ins welcome as time allows


Psychic Medium Readings – May 5th

with Brendalynn from 10:30-5:00pm, Cost is $45/30 minutes.


BrendaLynn Hammon is a gifted clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, empath and a natural medium. Her ability to connect with Spirit, Angels, Guides, Guardians and Loved Ones assures, comforts, uplifts and inspires clients on their life path. She is also able to channel messages through her writing and artwork.

Appts are highly recommended, walk-ins welcome.


New Attitudes for a New Age


Social media has allowed millions of women to express their pain and anguish of sexual abuse and its many forms. Their combined voices have created an avalanche of momentum that is crushing the walls of denial our society has held up for so long.

As I watch the #MeToo movement unfold, I am reminded of a quote from Martin Luther King, Jr.: “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.”

Women all over the world are demanding their freedom from the oppression of sexual assault, harassment and inequality. Women are demanding their basic human rights. Can I hear an Amen, sister!

However, to realize and achieve this freedom, men in this country must change at a fundamental level. Not just their behaviors, but their deeply held negative attitudes and beliefs toward women in general.

One has to wonder if that goal is even possible given the enormity of the problem before us.

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