The cosmic view for 2015

Doris Deits

Doris Deits

At the beginning of each new year people are wanting to know what new, wonderful and interesting things are headed their way in the upcoming year. These forecasts are typically seen through the eyes of astrology and numerology which offer a more structured analysis than we find in metaphysics.

In metaphysics the outlook for a particular year is always connected to a larger cycle and the quality of specific energies that are being released throughout the year. Basically this means that things seem to move ever so slooowly. Big energy changes need much time to integrate into physical forms.

During the last hundred years or so, the Milky Way has been traveling through an overlapping of Piscean and Aquarian energy systems. Think of it as a giant energetic asteroid belt where we are pelted with chunks of outgoing energy (Piscean) and chunks of incoming energy (Aquarian). Fun stuff.

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