Connecting with Crystals

An experiential journey through crystals and stones 

presented by John Deits & Megann Kelley

John Deits

This monthly workshop focuses on experiencing the subtle and sometimes not so subtle energies of crystals and stones. Each workshop has a unique focus that helps unlock our natural intuition and allows us to become aware of the energies that crystals and stones have to share. We explore how to introduce crystals into our everyday lives to improve ourselves and our environment. These are hands-on workshops and you can expect to spend the majority of your time experiencing crystals through practical use. 

The goal of these workshops is to begin using our inherent wisdom to connect with the subtle energies of crystals and stones. We will begin to tap into this wisdom as we explore our impressions, sensations, and feelings while working with the crystals. Monthly topics may include crystal grids and formations, crystal elixirs, crystal templates, clearing crystals, crystal body work, crystal wands, crystal sharing (bring your favorite crystal), crystal exchanges (finding new homes for old friends), and much more. 

No background in crystal and stone work is necessary to appreciate these workshops. They are open to those who have never worked with crystals and those with years of experience. All we ask is that you be willing to explore new experiences. 

Worshop size is limited, pre-registration is highly recommended. Contact Peaceful Hert at 608-835-5288.