Dakota Windancer

~man fo spirit~


Dakota Windancer

Dakota Windancer is best described as a “Man of Spirit” , with gifts of spiritual wealth to share. Dakota’s earliest experiences with non-ordinary reality began as a teenager, when he survived electrocution while working on his Dad’s farm.

Dakota is a licensed minister and his approach toward accessing the Divine World comes from his “Earth Walk” and through experiential means. “How can we truly know anything, unless we have experienced it”? This question is what has fueled Dakota’s desire in living his personal mission, which is to “Create a World of healing and wholeness , by living his truth , and mastering his life”.

Dakota is a husband, National award winning flutist, and dancer, writer, and healing presence who believes that “intentional living” is more important than “outcome”.

Among the many layers of his Ministry work and gifts to share are:

Siritual Healing
Drean Interpretation
Helping Others get “Unstuck”
Helping The “two legged” discover their “Inner Brilliance”
Developing Ritual for Personal Empowerment
Spiritual Cleansing
Creating “Sacred Objects”
Vision Questing
Teaching Individuals How to Hear God’s Voice
Archetypal Energy
Sacred Dance
Theophostic Prayer
Wedding and Funeral Officiate
Flute and Dance Performance for any Occasion

Dakota can be contacted at medicinewolf@charter.net or 608-345-3556