Jewels of Conflict

Doris Deits

While some of us are watching in horror and disbelief at the current political and social landscape of our country, others are quite optimistic about this cacophony of chaos and conflict.

I can’t argue that things don’t look somewhat grim out there. In fact, I have had many a conversation with people who are losing hope that our country will be able to make it through the next year without disastrous events of some sort happening that will have a very real and dare I say unpleasant, impact on people’s lives.

This can be very unsettling and stressful both mentally and physically, especially if one isn’t focused on a bigger picture.

But how are we to have a Merry Christmas, or a Happy Hanukkah, Kwanza, Solstice, Yule or Ramadan if we have Leaders of countries talking about pressing the big red NUKE button?! This kind of talk doesn’t bring us visions of dancing sugar plums.

Then there’s that Tax Cut for the impoverished 1% to think about. Oh, and we can’t forget about the HealthCare-No Health Care (for you) thing. Almost makes one look forward to the distraction of hearing about the next famous person to go down for sexual misconduct – no shortage there, folks.

Conflict seems to live in every nook and cranny of our lives.

No, I can’t blame anyone for thinking we might be going down in flames soon, but I can offer some hope.

In my study of metaphysics, there is much written about the concept of chaos. Chaos is actually seen as a positive opportunity for change and growth. In fact, it’s believed that without conflict and the resulting chaos it brings we cannot evolve.

How mind blowing is that? Evolution would actually cease without the energy of conflict.   Everyone I know wants to avoid conflict.   Nobody goes looking for conflict, or wants conflict to find them, which makes it hard to fathom that conflict is a necessary component of life.

Metaphysics asks us to stop looking at conflict as a bad thing and to see it as an expansion of our current evolution. Very much like childbirth, new ideas, perceptions and realities cannot spring forth without some pain and discomfort.

Sure nobody enjoys the pain and discomfort, but once we accept and understand that conflict is the way to the new, better and improved, the quicker and less painful we’ll get there.

It can be a challenge to embrace something as dicey and unpredictable as conflict. Meeting or interacting with an opposing force is frightening when the outcome is unknown. ‘Will I come out in one piece?’ is a question that’s always at the front of my mind as I engage in a conflict.

Perhaps it would help if we considered conflict just as a way for both sides to get something better – not perfect, but better. The chaos happens because neither side knows just what that something better is quite yet. The great thing about chaos is that something totally unexpected can suddenly become apparent, that would not have been realized if not for the initial conflict.

These are the’ jewels’ of conflict that the Teachings tell us to look for. Replace your ‘fear of losing’ with the ‘adventure of a treasure hunt’!   Have it in your mind that you may not know what you’ll get, but it might be something really good.

It’s interesting to see how two things can come together, one side raging against the other (expressing their opinions) in a weird dance until a harmony can be found somewhere in between the differences, where a resolution lies in wait of discovery.

Currently, I’m dealing with a contractor who is giving me much in the way of unexpected surprises, each one being delivered on a big fat platter of conflict. The struggle is real and even though that dance of harmony is taking it’s sweet time, I am resolute. I know that something positive will be gained, even if I can’t see it just yet.

So as you look around at the shit storms of our current reality, reach out with your mind to see a beauty in the overall process. Look beyond the conflict and chaos – to the future and to the ‘jewels’ that we have yet to uncover.

victimized through a sense of winning and losing, all or nothing. Perhaps our government will soon come to the same realization I did – we are better working together towards a common good for everyone.