Study Group

with Doris Deits

Doris Deits

Doris Deits

It is my understanding that the next five years hold a significant importance for those seeking to understand themselves from a spiritual or energetic perspective.  The next five years offers a window of opportunity that allows a person to move through an accelerated or ‘rapid growth’ spurt in their spiritual growth that is not usually available.  After the five years is up, that window closes and spiritual growth goes back to its normal pace.

Interestingly, we’ve also had an increased number of requests from customers that are desiring to interact with like minded people – those interested in spirituality and learning more about the world of energy that we live in to create a more positive future for themselves, their families and communities.

As a result, I have made the decision to commit my time and effort into creating a study group for people who would like to take advantage of this very special time frame where a person can make huge strides in their spiritual growth.  All one has to do is try.  Just make the effort, for spiritual growth is ever about effort – not results.  When I speak of spiritual growth, I am referring to the study of understanding oneself as a physical being, an emotional being, a mental being and as a higher consciousness.  Understanding the ‘whole’ of what we are brings the ability for us to better direct or steer our lives towards the goals we seek to reach.

Starting Sept 20th, Doris will be offering an ongoing Tuesday night study group for spiritually minded people.  The group will meet twice a month, every other Tuesday night from 6:30-8pm. Topics covered will include basic cosmic principles, spiritual character building techniques, meditation skills, understanding energy, chakras, duality, the ego structure, our emotional nature, healing techniques and learning how to utilize these things to create betterment in our lives.

Doris has studied metaphysical principles of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings for over 2 decades, and brings her practical experience of applying these teachings to everyday life.