Workshops & Events

May 5

Psychic Medium Readings with Brendalynn from 10:30-5:00pm, cost is $45/30min.


BrendaLynn Hammon is a gifted clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient,empath and a natural medium. Her ability to connect with Spirit, Angels, Guides, Guardians and Loved Ones assures, comforts, uplifts and inspires clients on their life path. She is also able to channel messages through her writing and artwork. A life-long student of Spirituality, BrendaLynn enjoys passing on her knowledge and love through her psychic gifts. Brenda will hold your hands, put light and protection around you and call forth messages of the highest good. The entire process is healing and enlightening. In addition to your reading, you will leave with a hand-written message from your guides.

Appts are highly recommended, walk-ins welcome.


May 12th

Psychic Medium Readings with Susan Haas from 10:30-5pm, cost is $45/30min.

Susan Haas

Susan is a talented clairvoyant medium with over 20 yrs experience. She offers her skills to explore past lives, present circumstances and future possibilities. Appointments are highly recommended, walk-ins welcome as time allows.




May 18th

Healing Process Presentation with Kari Chapman from 6:30-8pm, cost is Donation

Kari Chapman

Kari will lead you in a Guided Meditation that will open, balance, and align ALL Chakras ( energy centers in the body ) with all bodies, the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. This HEALING will help YOU to release all your Fear, Guilt, Shame, Illusions, and will connect you to Cosmic Energy. We will also be opening as a Channel for all present, so bring your questions. pen Q and A. Registration is requested as space is limited.


May 18th from 1-5pm and May 19th from 11am-5pm

Akashic Record Readings, Cellular Release, Soul Contract
with Kari Chapman, Cost is $90/hr or $60/30 min. sessions

AKASHIC RECORD Readings: These consultations are between Kari’s Oversoul and your Oversoul, to answer and deliver messages from the Oversoul throughaccessing the AKASHIC RECORDS ( soul records of past, present and future). With DIRECT messages to you from Archangel Michael, Ascended Masters, and a Host of Angelic and Galactic Beings. Working directly with YOUR master guides, teachers and angels. Find out your soul contract, mission and purpose. These consultations can be life changing. Are you Ready ? Can include initiations, clearings, implant and attachment removal. You can ask questions and Kari will deliver messages to you from your Oversoul, the Masters and Angels present. Kari specializes in working with Walk-Ins, Indigo’s, Star Seeds, Soul Merges and ALL Lightworkers. Kari can communicate with Spiritual Beings from the “Other Side “.

CELLULAR RELEASE: Release ALL fear, emotional trauma, and negativity from the cells of your body. Clears all past and current life traumas, judgments, fears, doubts and unworthiness at the cellular level. We need to be willing to release ALL those things and only those things which no longer serve our highest good, to make room for more love, light and healing. This process is a must ( my opinion ) for anyone who is truly ready to release at the cellular level, we all need to do this eventually ! Nothing new can arrive if there isn’t room for it. Why not do it CONSCIOUSLY and GRACEFULLY ? Kari will combine Reiki, crystal healing, energy work, clearings, implant and attachment removal, toning and what ever is suggested at the time to use. This process will bring forward all the love, joy, creativity, light, clarity and peace of all past lives. The Cellular Release is in person ONLY.

SOUL CONTRACTS: We have brought through a new process that will help you to consciously renegotiate and update your soul contract, your True Heart Desires. This new process will put you in alignment with your Souls Purpose. We will work with you, one on one, communicate with your soul and we make sure it is all recorded in the Akashic Records ( your soul records of past, present and future ) and update any current soul contracts. This new soul contract will supersede/ override any previous soul contracts.

BEFORE coming to your Soul Contract session, we need you to to go into meditation and WRITE down in pencil EVERYTHING that is your true hearts desire for 2016, dont hold back, be VERY specific, write down EVERYTHING you want manifested for 2018, and have it ready for our soul session.

Preregistration and pre-payment is required.  Please call Kari at 920-648-3580 to register.